The Common Thread of Humanity

Many years ago, whilst Noah was still building lego boats.  The state pushed me through what was described as the education system.

I remember teachers constantly telling me I was stupid and lazy because I couldn’t spell.  Nearly 20 years later I was diagnosed as Dyslexic….. those were the days.

One subject I did enjoy was Humanities and Politics.  On the wall of the classroom where we studied these subjects was a forerunner of what would now be an inspirational poster.

The words were:

We are all inextricably linked by the common thread of humanity, if we break it we are all undone.  There was a picture of lots of people knitted together and some one undoing it.  Those been undone appeared to be screaming.

It has always stuck with me…..Everything you do affects others…..Karma or whatever.

Today I was reminded yet again, however far we move on, up, sideways we are always linked to our past.